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Group Lessons

Group lessons of two or more people are a great option for those who are wishing to improve their golf with a friend or family member. For those that are new to the game and just starting out, it is a fun way for people to learn the basic fundamentals together such as grip, set-up and basic mechanics of the golf swing with a friend.

For those interested in organising a group lesson please contact Will via the contact page.

Benefits of Online Coaching

Anytime. Anywhere.

You can be Anywhere in the world and upload videos or feedback at Anytime

24/7 Feedback

You don't have to wait for a week or even a month between lessons- constant feedback is imperative in order to improve.


Value for money- unlimited coaching for a month could equate to one single golf lesson in person

Long Term Development

The constant communication allows us to build a skill set that is effective and creates long term consistency.

What's included

Create your own group of friends

Have the ability to create your own group for a session.

Work on what you want

Ability to tailor the session to your personal needs and what you want to achieve.

Flexible options

The number of people in the group, length of session and content of the session can all be tailored to the group.

Cheaper prices for group lessons

The more people who join the session the cheaper it becomes for each student.

Lesson Types & Packages

Group of 2 – 1 Hour Lesson
  • - Skillest lesson review included
  • - Trackman
  • - Capto Putting
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Group of 3 – 1 Hour Lesson
  • - Skillest lesson review included
  • - Trackman
  • - Capto Putting
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Group of 4 – 1 Hour Lesson
  • - Skillest lesson review included
  • - Trackman
  • - Capto Putting
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Getting Setup with the Skillest app

  1. Download the Skillest App from the iOS App Store
  2. Create an account
  3. Click "Get Lesson"
  4. Select "Find a Coach"
  5. Type "Will Flitcroft" in search bar
  6. Select from one of the options
  7. Submit a series of face-on view FOV & down-line view DLV videos

What Clients Say

Will Flitcroft provides a fresh and innovative perspective to golf coaching that gets immediate results. Across all of my lessons with Will I ultimately walk on to the course with my game in a far better place. That is no coincidence considering he mixes his own knowledge and insight with the data and technology that most elite players rely on. The lesson doesn’t finish ...

Will Dempsey

I have been coached by William on many occasions over many years. He coaches for my specific individual mechanics and needs. He explains the technique clearly using the necessary tools and implements the relevant drills so you can understand the concept clearly. My game has improved out of sight attributed to Will's coaching.

Sam Nolan

Will has had a strong golfing experience that allows him to be the person he is today. With a strong commitment to helping others improve on their swings and handicap. I know he was always seeking to become a coach to pass on his wisdom to younger golfers to improve and enjoy the game. Well done Flitty, look forward to seeing you soon.

Robert Chambers

Will has an outstanding knowledge of Golf and is brilliant with kids of all ability.

Tym Crawford

Top coach - if your kid has an interest in golf then Will is a great start.

Matt Jones

Will has been helping me online with my golf swing for the past year. Since starting with Will I have seen significant improvements in my golf game. Will has taught me to understand my swing through explaining to me the cause of my problems rather than just giving me a fix. This has helped me to be able to diagnose issues I am having whilst ...

Matt Cropper

I grew up playing golf with Will and saw him develop into a great player. I’ve had a number of lessons from Will now, and he might be an even better teacher! My ball striking has never been better! Will is very knowledgeable about the swing and overall game and importantly is very good at communicating how a player can improve.

Simon Mount

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